Types of Internet Marketing

One of the most interesting issues in business is marketing since manufacturer and consumers could not make trade without finding each other. Probably this could  be the reason internet marketing continue to be most talked about subject be it micro business or large corporation. Marketing is a story which used to encourage and convince humans to trade. Marketing has two basic methods which are traditional and modern. 

Types of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Platforms

Search Engine in particular marketing using Google search engine and their platforms requires lots of patience and skills to master.  Ranking to the top of Google search is what all website owners want that requires special talent.  Recommended reading The Art of Winning Digital Consumers, Gen Z.

Seven reasons why social media marketing are important for business, they are:

  1. Create Brand awareness
  2. Develop loyal online community
  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Increase digital exposure
  5. Boost Traffic and increase search engine SEO ranking
  6. Expand sales  and reach new audience
  7. Lesser Marketing cost