SMEs in Malaysia need to embark into Digital marketing since they are the prime movers of the economy. Their continuous survival depends on their business growth and profitability.

Digital Marketing is the prime mover of any business growth that keep drawing the attention of customers and prospects.

Though, internet users spend more time on social media platforms than on any other website;  that changes people’s way of communication including their daily activities, SMEs have to be present, follow and expand their customer reach.

The use of digital marketing Malaysia main the social media channels has become a common practice for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies as these channels expand companies reach, help promotional campaigns and more importantly generate electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) that creates economic, utilitarian, or social value for users and for companies.

Meanwhile, B2B SMEs  although they have invested in new channels and related marketing tools such as e-mail marketing, website ,digital newsletters, and sales support materials but many they still hesitate to invest and work on digital marketing and tools.

Digital Marketing Benefits

  • Expand companies reach

  • Help promotional campaigns

  • Generate electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM)

  • Build and support brands

Let us Help Us

Digital Marketing Malaysia

Businesses focusing B2B sector able to create awareness, building and supporting brands, influence purchase decisions, generate word-of-mouth and sales leads while able to analyze market data provided by social media and digital marketing tools.

We at Qaasoo and our Digital Marketing Malaysia team also recommend the use Social media as it takes in consideration customers as active participants in the communication process and decision making process.

In this way, social media enables companies to have conversations with customers and enhance customer relationships especially, with its role in creation of knowledge sharing communities , collaborative learning and creativity, social media strengthens customer relationships, improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So, it is clear that SMEs either in B2C and B2B objectives for employing digital marketing are in line with their marketing focus, additionally social media offer new horizons in developing customer relationships by engaging them in interactive discussions over brands and products.

However, there are still some barriers to invest in Digital Marketing for SMEs companies. Concerning the barriers to social media, the lack of control over messages in social media is considered as a major risk by most of these businesses.

That stand back stems from the lack of general technical knowledge and personal innovativeness among managers and personnel as the Digital Marketing pushes companies to create proper content.

Moreover, the benefits of using Digital Marketing in Malaysia, especially the return on investment (ROI), are underestimated or found to be irrelevant. So, under these circumstances many SMEs decide not to invest in Digital Marketing.