Project Description


When comes to Indian Snacks Online, Malaysian might not missed the crispy papadam made out of lentils. Did you know papadam or appalam or papad in Malaysia mostly imported from India with have 50 over brands sold here.

JP GLOBAL SUNRISE MARKETING SDN.BHD , a Qaasoo business accredited business in Malaysia is one of leading importer of pappadam.  Started its operation in August 2014 after rigorous market research particularly in identifying Malaysian taste papadam , the founder  decided to outsource the production crispy & crunchy Malaysian papadam with a manufacturer in India.

Products imported and distributed by Malaysian company JP GLOBAL SUNRISE MARKETING SDN.BHD are different then rest of it competitors since it is :

  • More crispy
  • More crunchy
  • Less salty
  • Not oily
  • Great Taste
  • High quality packaging

JP GLOBAL SUNRISE MARKETING SDN.BHD is a company dealing in product research, imports and distribution of Quality  Healthy dry foods in Malaysia. A clear vision and an exceptional leadership have allowed the company to be a significant market player in the areas of dry food products distribution.

The Qaasoo Business Accredited Malaysias Business is aspires to collaborate with global giants whose expertise and competitive edge will open greater opportunities both in the domestic and international arena.

Based in southern state of Johor, SUNFLOWER brand owner JP Global Sunrise has raised the bar in the Malaysian dry food import business with their continuous search for new and emerging food sources and investments in marketing and state-of-the-art equipments.

The company ensures all their products meets both local and international standards such Halal and Food safety and standard authority of India and HACCP.

Their latest venture is snacks online store current developed and maintained by   We have engaged social media marketing to promote and generate sales for their new brand snacks MyOla.