Project Description

Most Malaysian might not aware the after effects of simply throwing away your used clothes despite many people in the world having no proper clothing.  Understanding this need, Classic Croowne (M) Sdn Bhd started to collaborate with many organisations in creating greener planet.

Based on a data made available by the secondary materials and recycled textiles association, United States:

  • 45% of Used cloths are worn as secondhand cloths
  • 30% of used cloths are cut down and used as Industrial rags
  • 20% of used cloths are reprocessed
  • 5% of used cloths became total unusable engaged Qaasoo Internet Marketing Services where we employ some exporter marketing strategies.

Classic Croowne (M) Sdn. Bhd.  is the  leading importer, grader, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of used cloths based in Port Klang, Malaysia. The company grew from a shop lot based in Shah Alam to a leading producer and exporter of used cloths also known as bundle in Malaysia  by providing the finest grade, in various famous brands and the finest quality used cloths.

CCMBundle able to supply container loads of used cloths in bundle from Malaysia every month to clients in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

CCMBundle experts’ travels to various part of the world to source and supply huge volumes of quality used clothings.

Upon receiving the used clothing at our facilities in Telok Gong, Port Klang Malaysia  it will go through a process of quality check to determine its usability. Some of them can be reused or sold to third world country , some for our own local youngster craze, some goes for industrial use and those unusable we work with environmental organization for proper disposal including as alternative fuel.

The company also occasionally donates clothing for a local cause, like a blanket, tower, jeans clothing to benefit  during disaster or  homeless.

However, most of the clothing we receive is sorted and loaded directly into their baling machine for reselling. The baling machine wraps the clothes in a protective cloth or plastic wrapper and straps them tightly together into a large package that weighs approximately 100 kgs.

These bales or bundles make it easier to handle and ship the clothes from the warehouse to the final destination.  The bales may remain in the warehouse for a few days, but generally no longer as the demand for the clothing is very high.