We share our insight and internet marketing examples on how we manage to get an export company from Malaysia to the top of search engine globally.

After few rounds of discussion with a manufacturer and exporter of Industrial raw materials, they still reluctant to accept our internet marketing services offer. They wanted to accept offer to subsidies eTrade by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE). Finally, they decided to appoint us as their sole internet marketing services provided after they got all the insight from others.

Understand What You Understood

For businesses Internet is all about understanding market and platform to carry out the marketing. We started with usual marketing basic of understanding the 4P’s – Product , Promotion , Place and Price. Many might wonder how do you propose without knowing them earlier? Well we held the discussion to understand what we understood is correct and to identify the competitive advantage. ( suggested reading Air Asia Sells not Just Air Tickets; They Sell a Dream).

Internet a Marketing Platform

Being in the industry for more than 20 years, serving mainly SMEs Qaasoo beside providing internet marketing consultancy, we also advise and guide on business development.

In this internet marketing examples, our continue to work on to identify the marketing weakness and strength existing competitive products manufacturer worldwide. We decided not to use social media marketing and any paid digital advertisement. Instead Google platform was used to create tons of leads that make our clients sales department busy oh busy!!!

Answer Curiosity

Why do please Google? Curiosity, globally people searching to know more or additional details. Our research team found there is lack of information in the said industry. We continue our work to provide some answer. Hoo la la our work bear some fruit but it doesn’t end yet. We need more data to keep them also on the top