How can social media help a business grow is the vital question for businesses to continuously engage with customers and conduct consumer research.

Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing or for matter of facts e-Business never been taught in any university a decade ago. Today Social Media Marketing is the vital lifeline for businesses to engage with customers and consumer behavioral research platform. 

Eventhough, ordinary people like yourself and me are the biggest consumer of social media platforms, business entities are the main contributors for social media companies.

The above video explains 7 reasons why social media marketing are important for business, they are:


  • Create Brand awareness

  • Develop loyal online community

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Increase digital exposure

  • Boost Traffic and increase search engine SEO ranking

  • Expand sales and reach new audience

  • Lesser Marketing Cost

Some of the reasons explained in the video are the reasons on how social media marketing can improve your business.

One such example is improvement of quality and efficient of customer service, where business not only able to reduce cost of telecommunication while able to engage with customers instantly. Latest social Media Chat Bot enables automated questions to be posted based on some predesigned logical questions and answers.

Readers may get more details at my exclusively article for titled Messaging Apps are Changing How Companies talk to Customers.

Another key important point explained in the video on How Social Media Help a Business Grow? is easiness of reach our new audience or prospects.  While social media profiles might not disclose their social status such as income levels as it is part of income generation model for social media companies.

The free tools, which we would outline in details in our upcoming articles enables businesses to target their promotions and analyse the effectiveness of SMM immediately.

Do feel free to post your comments and opinions below for us to learn more. Hopefully readers will enjoy business development works and activities using social media frequently.