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About Us

Welcome to  Qaasoo Business Consultant, your Business Doctor.

Having experience of travelling and doing business with some 30 countries, our DrBiz Arikrishnan able to guide Malaysian SMEs on practical approaches in growing your business.

When comes to Business problems,  leave your worried call Qaasoo Your Business Doctor.

As Business Consultant, our CEO DrBiz Arikrishnan follows a set of own researched approaches that measured by our clients' success. At present our business consulting work focuses on
  1. Improving Business Marketing Activities
  2. Strategies Sales Promotion
  3. Drafting Marketing Strategies
  4. Overseeing and monitoring Digital Marketing implementation
  5. Training on Marketing strategies, Internet Marketing, etc.
Qaasoo upholds the principle of  working with one Industry one client base to gain our clients confidence,  reliability, and competency. We might not be best Business Consultant Solution provider  that will propel your organization and take it to the next level, but we can assure you tremendous business improvement since the day we accept your assignment. Beside providing business consulting services, case also provides:
  1. Business Accreditation
  2. Writing up Business plan, Business Profile and all Business documentation
  3. Where possible we guide our clients through Banking Loan application process
  4. When comes to Business problems, leave your worries aside and call Qaasoo Your Business Doctor
Did you just found us through Google Search Engine, that’s exactly how we may able to get your business to drive more clients and improved profitability. Why not we meet for a non obligation chit chat simply Whatapp us your information with subject “ I’m Looking for Business Consultant” Prior to that you may wonder Why You need a Business Consultant. Answer this
  1. Did you have a supplier? Surely you have at least one , why did you need supplies from outside?
  2. Did you hire any employee? Current trend changing, you may able to work single handedly rite
  3. Did you ever search in Google looking for How to solve some problems or issues but end up outsourcing it
Whom do you call or ask for opinions and/or suggestions when you encounter some business related issues – your staffs. Can you staffs implement it?